About Compute Ontario

As a central hub, Compute Ontario has a pivotal role in the province’s Advanced Research Computing and Big Data Strategy. Our consortia provide access to comprehensive Advanced Research Computing resources, including High Performance Computing or super computers – the largest and most powerful computers and networks, designed to solve the world’s most complex problems.

We collaborate with our partners to centralize strategy and planning for Ontario’s advanced computing assets, including hardware, software, data management, storage, storage, security, connectivity and Highly Qualified Personnel. Together, we strive to address concerns about Ontario’s capacity to supply advanced computing at the level required for leading research and enabling industrial competitiveness.

At the national level, we represent Ontario at Compute Canada, working with our partner regional organizations ACENETCalcul Quebec, and Westgrid.

Incorporated in 2014 as a not-for profit organization, we are funded by the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science.  Meet our Board of Directors

Read our Strategic Plan 2016-2020