Advanced Research Computing

 Information is being generated from every imaginable activity and comes at us constantly from all corners of the earth.

As the move to open data accelerates, as health and research data grow exponentially and as the shift to convergence science increases rapidly, so does the need to move quickly with sophisticated data management plans, curated to enable data access while protecting privacy and security.

While collecting data is important, understanding its significance and how to use it is where discoveries lie. Big data is data that is too complex to be processed by standard computers. For example the desktop may not have enough memory or may take too long. That is where advanced research computing comes in.

Advanced research computing includes access to High Performance Computing (supercomputers), cloud, data storage and management, networking and visualization to help solve complex problems.


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Working with our consortia, partners, and all levels of government, Compute Ontario is committed to achieving five strategic pillars of our mandate

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Progress ARC and its value

Support Ontario's ARC needs

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