ENGAGE: What I did on my vacation

I had the good fortune to travel to Thailand with my family recently and as I lounged poolside tens of thousands of kilometres from home, I was able to witness ingenuity everywhere I looked. From efficient water filtration systems to perfectly placed landscaping designed for both beauty and shade, it was clear to me that innovation is universal.

And it really has to be.

Our tour guide explained that in only the past decade, the average temperature in Thailand has increased by 10°C, a startling effect of global warming and pollution. If we don’t address this growing problem, our children and their children will suffer because of our apathy. My good friend Professor Dick Peltier, a prominent climate change researcher,  has been sharing his work with me.

Nizar and his daughter Nadia at the Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand
Nizar and his daughter Nadia at the Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

This important research, made possible because of advanced research computing, is finding solutions to these global scale problems and addressing these issues will be more a function of willingness than know-how.

Like most people, I would usually return home from vacation wishing I had a little more time off, where my biggest worry is what to have for lunch. But for the first time in my 25-year career I can sincerely say, “I love my job,” and returning to work is not accompanied by wishes that I was doing something else with my time. Instead, I am motivated by people like Dick and other researchers like him that I have the distinct pleasure of working with every day, facilitating their access to the very tools that will change our world.

For us, for our children, and their children.