The Government of Canada Awards $49M Grant in AI-led Digital Health and Discovery Platform (DHDP)

The government of Canada announced an investment grant of $49 million in the establishment of a nation-wide health data platform led by the Digital Health and Discovery Platform (DHDP). This AI-led platform will work towards accelerating the development of new and personalized treatments that will help find cures for diseases affecting Canadians. The Terry Fox Research Institute and Imagia will lead this initiative and will work with close to 100 partners across Canada to develop the platform. These partners include health care institutions, SMEs, universities and research foundations, and all the four major AI research labs in Canada.

Although the platform’s initial focus will be on cancer, the developers will expand the scope of its work to other areas of medicine at a later stage. This endeavour will create collaborations within the industry to galvanize home-grown research discoveries. Through this shared network of data, researchers and hospitals will be able to develop the best-suited treatment for each patient. The platform will ensure each patient’s data is secured and will maintain the highest standards for data privacy, security, and safety.

Read more about the program here and know more about our partner, CanDIG’s role in the program here.