Compute Ontario’s Interactive Workshops focusing on the Highly Skilled Technology Workforce in the Advanced Research Computing (ARC) Ecosystem

Identifying and addressing challenges with highly skilled talent in technology and advanced research computing with respect to academia, industry and the public and private sectors

Compute Ontario will host interactive workshops focussed on the highly skilled technology workforce within Ontario’s ARC ecosystem in Toronto at the Chestnut Conference Center on February 20, 2020, and in London at the Ivey Spence Leadership Centre on February 28, 2020.

The highly skilled technology workforce is a talent pool of individuals who possess digital skills in advanced research computing, computational modelling and technological applications within a key domain knowledge area. Domain knowledge areas can span from the hard sciences, such as engineering, chemistry, biochemistry and physics, to more non-traditional knowledge areas in the social sciences and humanities but to a lesser degree.

The goals and objectives of these workshops are to:

  • Identify any key gap areas in ARC-related skills when it comes to the highly skilled technology workforce within Ontario
  • Identify which technical skills are in demand in industry as well as those being developed in undergraduate and post-graduate programs
  • Highlight the importance of ARC-related and technology-oriented skills for talent development, employment and retention within Ontario
  • Produce a report outlining tactics and strategies on how we can better support and grow Ontario’s highly skilled technology workforce benefiting industry, academia and the skilled technology workforce itself

These workshops will provide an opportunity for participants to engage with a panel comprised of key representatives and experts from academia, industry, public and private sector as well as participants from Ontario’s highly skilled talent pool who will provide thoughtful insights into which skills are being developed in academia, which are in high demand in industry as well as which skill sets are considered vital in the public and private sectors. 

Toronto Session Panel:

  • Arvind Gupta, Professor, Dept of Computer Science, University of Toronto (keynote speaker and panel moderator)
  • Melissa Judd, Director, Academic Partnerships, Vector Institute
  • Ramses van Zon, HPC Analyst, SciNet; Lecturer, Dept of Physics, University of Toronto
  • Edward Shim, Managing Director, Studio 1 Labs

The workshop in Toronto will take place at the Chestnut Conference Centre, in the Ballroom on the second floor. 

London Session Panel:

  • Hanan Lutfiyya, Professor & Chair, Dept of Computer Science, University of Western Ontario (keynote speaker and panel moderator)
  • Jennifer Maclean, Director, Collaboration, NGen Canada
  • Warren Keith Helland, Vice-President, DataFix
  • Baolai Ge, Lead HPC, SHARCNET, Western University
  • Kimberley Adamek, Ph.D. candidate, Western University

The workshop in London will take place at the Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre, in the Juniper room.

Workshop Agenda*



9:00 AM

Breakfast and networking

9:15 AM

Opening remarks and introduction to keynote speaker

9:20 AM

Keynote address

9:50 AM

Keynote question & answer period

10:05 AM

Interactive panel discussion

10:50 AM

Coffee break

11:00 AM

Audience breakout and report back session

12:00 PM

Closing remarks

12:05 PM

Lunch and networking

*The workshop in London will begin at 10:00 AM and end at 1:05 PM.  

To register for these workshops, please email us at about which session you would like to attend. 

Please note that the event will be recorded, photographed and videotaped. If you have any concerns with being recorded, please include it in the comments section when registering.