Compute Ontario, MaRSDD and ICES release report on their Data Trust Workshop Series

Compute Ontario, MaRSDD and ICES have compiled a report that comprehensively captures conversations and insights from the Data Trust Workshops that were held in November – December 2019 in Toronto, Guelph and Ottawa. The workshops saw over 100 participants from technology, government, policy, law, agriculture, industry, healthcare as well as the non-profit sector.

Through this series of workshops, the three partner organizations dissected various aspects of establishing and enabling data trusts, including the spectrum of data trust models that could coexist within similar environments as well as the importance of process, policy, and relationships with respect to data governance models.

Through immersive game-play with the Data Trust boardgame developed by MaRSDD, participants had the opportunity to discuss and explore the sensitivities around data sharing and access as well as engage local experts in a panel discussion to further the conversation. The workshops enabled effective knowledge transfer amongst participants from various sectors and disciplines thus resulting in a deep-dive conversation on the appropriateness of data governance models, their limitations, opportunities as well as sector-specific recommendations. To read the report, please click here.