What We Do

Ontario’s researchers increasingly depend on Advanced Research Computing to drive innovation and enhance competitiveness in the global marketplace. While Compute Ontario does not conduct research, we provide a central hub to support the province’s Advanced Research Computing and Big Data Strategy. We work with universities, colleges, hospitals, industry and government to ensure our researchers get the tools and resources they need to further their research.

Our consortia provide advanced computing resources, including access to High Performance Computing. High performance Computing uses the largest computers available to tackle the biggest problems facing science or industry.

Whether generating computer models of unprecedented fidelity in the aerospace, biological or climate sciences, or analyzing vast amounts of data from astronomy, business data in industry or textual or musical data in the humanities, supercomputing is a rapidly growing set of hardware and skills applicable to building Canada’s skills and capabilities in science, technology and the economy. Find out more about our consortia’s compute power.

Our consortia are staffed by highly qualified individuals with specialized expertise in High Performance Computing. They know how their systems work and they have the expertise and knowledge to modify, shape and optimize research to get the most out of their High Performance Computing systems.

Nationally, we represent Ontario as part of Compute Canada, where we work together on issues such as the development of Pan-Canadian data access standards and cyber-security.  Find out more about our priorities and goals.