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Researchers’ Corner

Our consortia’s scientists are conducting world-class research and achieving impact on a global scale. In the Researcher’s Corner, we are pleased to introduce you to these extraordinary individuals, starting with SciNet’s Scientific Director, Professor W. Richard Peltier, FRSC.

Professor Peltier is University Professor and Professor of Physics at the University of Toronto, Director of the Centre for Global Change Science and Scientific Director of SciNet. He is also a member of Compute Ontario’s Scientific and Executive Directors Advisory Team. Professor Peltier has long championed the availability of High Performance Computing resources in Toronto, in Ontario, and across Canada, to power cutting edge research. He won the Herzberg Gold Medal, Canada’s top Science and Engineering prize, as well as the Bower Award, which has previously been awarded to such people as Marie and Pierre Curie, Thomas Edison, Orville Wright, and Stephen Hawking.