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Compute Canada launches resource allocation competitions for 2017

Today Compute Canada launched its annual Resource Allocation Competitions (RAC), a peer-reviewed process to grant priority access to Compute Canada’s advanced research computing resources. The two competitions -- the Resources for Research Groups (RRG) Competition and the Research Platforms and Portals (RPP) Competition -- are open to Canadian research projects from all disciplines (Note: RPP applications are [...]

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Visualize This! Enter the advanced research computing challenge

  Science is producing an unprecedented amount of data on everything from predicting weather and ocean changes to searching for distant galaxies. Visualization tools allow researchers to explore these large datasets interactively without being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data. Ultimately, visualization enables researchers to answer the important scientific questions facing us today. Compute [...]

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High Performance Computing International Summer Schools

Author Ramses van Zon. This summer, I attended the annual International Summer School on Challenges in High Performance Computing (IHPCSS) in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I attended as part of the organizing committee, as well as the instructor of the “Python for HPC” session.  The IHPCSS was a great event, both because of the educational [...]

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Name our national systems!

Compute Canada has put out a call to name the four new national computing systems. This is our chance to put our stamp on those names, especially the two systems which will be hosted within Ontario -- a large parallel system based out of the University of Toronto and a general purpose system at the [...]

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School’s IN for summer at Compute Ontario

Summer’s here and Compute Ontario’s annual Summer School on High Performance and Technical Computing is in full swing. Held this year at three different campuses across the province, this popular educational event offers intensive hands-on and interactive sessions covering a variety of modern HPC platforms. “SHARCNET started this summer school program in 2007, and now [...]

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HPCS is coming to Kingston in 2017

On the heels of 2016’s High Performance Computing Symposium (HPCS) recently coming to a close in Edmonton, organizers for HPCS 2017 are already looking ahead to next year’s event—which will be held at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. “We’re well on our way with the planning,” said organizer and Centre for Advanced Computing Executive Director Don [...]

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Ontario students diTHINK outside the box

The 2016 diTHINK conference featured fascinating speakers, inspiring presentations and a series of breakout sessions that demanded out-of-the-box thinking. “It was a popular mix,” said Nizar Ladak, CEO and President of Compute Ontario. “This was our best attended event so far, with a fully engaged audience interacting with one another.” As usual, students were an important [...]

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A conversation with Mark Daley, Compute Ontario’s Chair of the Board of Directors and upcoming diTHINK speaker

[Originally posted on the ORION website on January 06, 2016.] What do you do at Compute Ontario and why is Compute Ontario partnering with ORION at the diTHINK Conference? I am Compute Ontario’s newly appointed chair of the board of directors, and at Western University I am the interim associate vice president (Research) and an [...]

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Compute Ontario partners with ORION to present diTHINK

Compute Ontario and ORION will co-present Ontario’s innovation event of the year: diTHINK. The joint conference – which combines Compute Ontario Research Day 2016 (CORD2016) and the ORION THINK Conference – gathers provincial thought leaders in research, education, and innovation. What does the “di” stand for? In addition to a full day of advanced computing [...]

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Compute Ontario appoints new President and CEO

[Toronto, Ontario] April 1, 2016 – Compute Ontario today announced the appointment of Nizar Ladak as President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Ladak brings outstanding leadership developed over two decades of senior management experience in national and provincial government organizations and hospitals. Most recently, as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer with Health Quality [...]

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