Vision and Values

Our vision is to:

Drive advanced computing to accelerate research and enhance competitiveness in the global marketplace for a more prosperous Ontario.”

Our operations are guided by these core values:

Trusted – We will strive to be trusted by researchers, industry and institutions. We will strive to preserve integrity in research. We will be regarded as vendor neutral. We will provide credible advice and information that is accurate, timely and relevant. We will protect privacy. We will create a secure and predictable environment to foster research in Ontario and to support Ontario’s business.

Collaborative – Compute Ontario will work to bring partners and stakeholders together, to work towards common goals, enhancing the role of advanced computing for all partners. We exist to partner with a number of stakeholder groups. We will strive to provide a place for research and industry to interact. We will serve as a resource for research and for industries in Ontario. We will work to form partnerships and alliances within the advanced computing community.  Compute Ontario can only succeed with its partners.

Accountable – Compute Ontario will seek to provide value for money to Ontario residents. Our decisions will be transparent, and clear, and we will take responsibility for our actions.

Innovative – Compute Ontario will be able to respond to the rapidly changing nature of advanced computing. We will be agile, and able to adapt as needed to provide quality outputs in a streamlined fashion.

Excellence – We will promote excellence in research in Ontario and excellence in commercialization of products by Ontario’s companies though the use of advanced computing.