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These are exciting times for advanced computing world-wide. Possibilities are endless, demand is high and capacity challenging. That is why the work we are doing with our provincial and national partners is so important. Compute Ontario is a young organization that is committed to deliver on a transformative agenda that will accelerate research capability and competitiveness in Ontario. Our mandate is to chart and cross the challenging terrain that lies between the province’s current capacity and where we want to be.

Call for Applications for Provincial Advisory Committees to support Advanced Research Computing in Ontario

Compute Ontario is looking for researchers and staff with experience and insight into HPC and ARC-related issues to serve on one of two Advisory Committees that will form over the summer and fall 2017. It is anticipated that committee members will be drawn from post-secondary institutions (e.g. graduate students, staff, postdocs and faculty) as well as industry. Each Advisory Committee will help inform policy recommendations, around two of Compute Ontario’s strategic priorities.

Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP)

This first study will begin with an environmental scan performed by Consultants with the aim to develop a consensus-based definition of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) in Ontario’s Advanced Research Computing (ARC) sector. Upon arriving at the definition, a supply and demand analysis will be performed with the aim of forecasting future demand against current supply.  At the outset, it is hypothesized that the supply will be insufficient to meet future demand in ARC research. If so, training and credentialing requirements will be developed to help reduce the gap.

Technology Investment Study

This study will begin with a baseline of existing ARC infrastructure in Ontario. Through analysis of technology trends, the Committee, staff, and consultants will develop scenarios or forecasts of technology obsolescence and thereby, estimates of future investment for ARC infrastructure for the not-for-profit ARC sector.  Strategic alliances with private sector and industry partners could be examined with the aim of identifying mutually beneficial investment strategies that support innovation in Ontario’s ARC ecosystem.  This second study will be performed in parallel to the above HQP study with potential cross-over through information sharing.

Responsibilities of Advisory Committee Members

Members will be responsible for working with Compute Ontario staff and consultants to validate study findings and help shape the summary report. The Committee will provide key recommendations to the Compute Ontario Board through the President and Chief Executive Officer.


  • Leadership, research, or technical experience that provides insight into Ontario’s current HQP and ARC ecosystem
  • Able to commit to a minimum of four committee meetings over a twelve (12) month period or the duration of the study
  • Able to periodically review materials as required to actively contribute to strategic objectives and study outcomes

Submission Information

Interested candidates should submit their contact information and a brief statement of interest, including an outline their relevant expertise or abbreviated CV to: Monique.Crichlow[at] by July 28, 2017 @2:00pm Eastern Time.


Opportunities at the consortia and industry partners can be found below: