Board of Directors

Compute Ontario is stakeholder driven. It was created after consultations with stakeholders and drawing on expertise from Ontario’s universities, industry leaders and researchers and our board includes representatives from these backgrounds. Our board is skills-based, selected through a competitive recruitment process. Access our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Mark Daley
Mark DaleyBoard Chair
Ranil Sonnadara
Ranil SonnadaraVice Chair
Vivek Goel
Vivek GoelDirector
Daniel Sinai
Daniel SinaiDirector
Sylvain Charbonneau
Sylvain CharbonneauDirector
Catherine Ann Middleton
Catherine Ann MiddletonDirector
Salim Teja
Salim TejaDirector
Warren Keith Helland
Warren Keith HellandDirector
Dereck Whitmell
Dereck WhitmellDirector
Susan Ursel
Susan UrselDirector
Shannon MacDonald
Shannon MacDonaldDirector