Visualize This! Enter the advanced research computing challenge

  Science is producing an unprecedented amount of data on everything from predicting weather and ocean changes to searching for distant galaxies. Visualization tools allow researchers to explore these large datasets interactively without being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data. Ultimately, visualization enables researchers to answer the important scientific questions facing us today. Compute [...]

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High Performance Computing International Summer Schools

Author Ramses van Zon. This summer, I attended the annual International Summer School on Challenges in High Performance Computing (IHPCSS) in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I attended as part of the organizing committee, as well as the instructor of the “Python for HPC” session.  The IHPCSS was a great event, both because of the educational [...]

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ENGAGE: Computing music to my ears

Advanced computing is permeating all areas of research. This past week, I drove my eldest daughter, Nadia, to Western University to begin her first year at the Don Wright Faculty of Music.  It was a bittersweet trip.  While I’m thrilled she will be getting a post-secondary education, my “baby” is leaving home (Yes [...]

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