A conversation with Mark Daley, Compute Ontario’s Chair of the Board of Directors and upcoming diTHINK speaker

[Originally posted on the ORION website on January 06, 2016.] What do you do at Compute Ontario and why is Compute Ontario partnering with ORION at the diTHINK Conference? I am Compute Ontario’s newly appointed chair of the board of directors, and at Western University I am the interim associate vice president (Research) and an [...]

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Compute Ontario partners with ORION to present diTHINK

Compute Ontario and ORION will co-present Ontario’s innovation event of the year: diTHINK. The joint conference – which combines Compute Ontario Research Day 2016 (CORD2016) and the ORION THINK Conference – gathers provincial thought leaders in research, education, and innovation. What does the “di” stand for? In addition to a full day of advanced computing [...]

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Engage: Why advanced computing matters

[The first in a monthly series from Compute Ontario’s new President and CEO] I’ve always been fascinated by technology and its potential to “boldly go where no man has gone before.” Whether as a Trekkie growing up or, almost 30 years later, in a leadership role at a world-changing organization, it has long been clear [...]

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